Monday, October 14, 2013


Thanksgiving Monday. Looking out my window over the fields as the neighbour bales hay and the goofy chickens wander by, I am grateful for:
  • Gorgeous, warm sunny days to work in this fall
  • An incredible crew of workers this year: staff, interns and volunteers. Truly a spectacular group - I've been really, really blessed.
  • A season of living at the farm
  • The joy of ridiculous chickens
  • Wild apples, pears, grapes and cranberries just a short bike ride away
  • Bountiful harvests
  • Supportive and actively appreciative CSA members
  • Solid market sales every single week - even in the rain!
  • Gracious, supportive family & friends
  • Sufficient pollinators in a year of decreasing populations
  • Good health
  • Laughter in the fields
  • Exuberant, vegetable-eating children
  • Being surrounded by beauty
  • The taste of GOOD FOOD
  • The good bread, beer and healthcare I'm able to trade vegetables for!
  • The pleasure inherent in this work