Sunday, December 11, 2011

The value of a share

I've been entering data bit by bit over the past few weeks, calculating the $ value of what went into each share over the past season. I estimate values every week, but like to crunch the numbers a little more carefully at the end of the year to see more precisely what the shares were worth, from a purely monetary perspective.

As weekly targets, I'm aiming for:
Small share - $375/season = avg of $19.74/wk of produce
Regulare share - $650/season = $34.21/wk

Turns out this was a great year to be a CSA member!

Small shareholders received an average of $21.38/wk of produce - an 8% bonus.
Regular shareholders received $39.08/wk of produce - a whopping 14% bonus!

This of course doesn't take into consideration any of the intangible benefits of CSA membership - the interactions with other community members, having a direct connection with your grower, opportunities for pick-your-own, wholesale pricing on bulk veggies for your freezer, building a vibrant & secure local food system, and access to the best quality veggies the farm is able to produce.

The beauty of CSAs is the way risk & bounty are shared so farmers don't carry such a heavy burden of risk alone. It's a pleasure to be able to share the bounty, knowing that in other years I may have to ask members to take smaller shares if factors beyond my control decrease yields significantly. Thanks so much to my incredible members for your faith, trust and support.

A sampling of some of the CSA beauty from 2011: