Sunday, July 24, 2011

CSA member Claire gets Record coverage

Thought some of you might be interested in reading this article about Claire - one of of our CSA members who volunteers regularly at market and sometimes in the fields. She's 17, a gourmet cook, and on an 18 month 100 Mile Challenge. Pretty exceptional!
Here's the article: Everything Just Tastes Better 

In other news, the best market exchange of the day (which made Claire & I almost choke from laughing) went as follows:

Man, holding out a bunch of our radishes in front of the till: "How much for these?"
Us: $1.50
*man reaches in pocket*
Woman: "Those are organic"
*man pauses, glancing curiously at her*
Woman, forcefully and with a pointed stare: "I never eat organic."
*man, confused-looking but dutiful, slowly returns the radishes & walks away*

Yup. Watch out. Those organic radishes might just kill you.